Originally from Argentina, Florencia is also Mexican and American by adoption.


She holds a BA in Political Science from Buenos Aires University, and a MFA in filmmaking from Maine Media College.  She has worked as a researcher and a strategic brand planner for more than 15 years for different companies.


Florencia is a storyteller and the author of The Marching Quixotes, an 81´ documentary about members of the15-M movement that she followed from 2011 to 2014, which was selected to be part of FICG LA Lab during  2014 . The film is due to come out soon.


She co-wrote, directed and produced Navidad, a narrative short which premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival in 2015, and continued screening at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida, as well as at the Guanajuato Film Festival in Mexico, won the award of merit on March 2015 at BestShorts on two categories, Women Filmmakers, and Latin / Hispanic, Film Short.


Her non-fiction work started with Digna Merced, which won 1st prize at the Crystal Screen in Mexico in 2005. Later, she co-directed Bird Sounds, which also won 1st prize at the Corto Cinema Film Festival in Mexico Cit. And in 2009, Florencia co-directed As a Man Thinketh, which was screened at the Crossroads Delta Film Festival in Mississippi, during 2009.


She actively participated, along other artists, in the making of other documentaries and fiction films such as: La Isla, East LA Interchange, Siqueiros: Walls of Passions, and Versus.


In 2012, Florencia was very excited to be part of the team that worked on 99% collaborative film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.


As Usual Bill (2011) was her first experimental film  participated at LA International Short Film Festival. As her interest and talent grew, two more films saw the light: ArgenChina (2013) that won an award of merit at BestShorts, and more recently Back Dad´s Home (2016).


Her two narrative scripts, Love, Happiness and other stupid things, and Where the babies come from? were both finalists at the Havana International Film Festival, and La Buena Pipa, was finalist at Latino Lens / Nalip 2015.


Florencia was a Nalip fellow attending the Latino Producer Academy in 2009, and a fellow at the Jewish Federation Fellowship, attending a TA-LA Masterclass in Israel.


Recently, her project, Cumbia Calea, was selected to be part of the year program, Drama Writer’s Lab 2016, at the Casa de Artes, San Agustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico. And her short script Chapina has won 2nd place at Yosemite Film Festival 2016.


She is currently working on the script of her opera prima, Violeta.This leads her to be part of the Kino Magdalena, Sonora, Writers Residency during October 2016. She is also developing an action/drama TV Serie, Pap (The Paparazzi) in a team with other two writers.


previous work

As Usual Bill


Are we obsessed with beauty?

Every Saturday a group of homeless of Santa Monica, CA is taking care about their image by volunteers and peers.


A personal films that search for some answers focusing on the question, why? What does your image say about you?



An experimental and poetic short that navigate in Florencia´s childhood and her memories thrue a journey in China. A provocative political visual approach to fear, cowardly, dictatorship, freedom and censorship.



A journey, a divided family, an anticipated celebration, a frontier.


The reformulation of the modern family in an globalized village increasingly global, and at the same time, more and more less human. A story of life that, although fictional, does not escape the current reality.


Let us celebrate the magic of everyday stories.