The “indignados” meet for the first time at a protest in a public square to share their concerns, their anger, their sense of not belonging, and their anguish at the lack of awareness in the world in which they live, and which in turn ignores or excludes them.  They are trying to create a new reality, and while they don’t know each other yet, they are betting on a collective solution.


Each kilometer travelled starts with the first step.  They start their journey marching from different points around the country —carrying their messages and demands from every small town in the country— and come together in Sol, Madrid, the country’s political capital.


Silvia- singer and educator who leaves her job to join the march. Jack – unemployed, and working on seasonal jobs, also joins after arriving at the Plaza Cataluña and feeling a sense of wonder at the what he finds there.


This documentary is a look at the live history of a group of Catalans, who in 2011 decide collectively to loose their fears —“getting off of the couch” as they like to say— and vindicate the need to stand up and act, like many of their grandparents did during the Spanish Civil War, but this time through peaceful means. They are moved to action by their ideas, convinced that they will win sooner or later, and that another world is possible. They are motivated by the conviction that their future is still being written, and that a better reality awaits them.


This movie covers a phenomenon that began spontaneously on May 15, 2011, and which has since transformed the millions of citizens -crazy and sane alike- who find sense and meaning in charging at thousands of windmills. The winds that destabilize us, and mess up our hair, also serve to motivate us to take control of our lives and ownership of our destiny.